Why Retailers Should Consider Glass Display Cabinets

Two things that are important for any store retailer are keeping products well organised and displaying goods in an eye-catching fashion that will turn the heads of customers. This is why glass display cabinets are a popular choice for high street stores – they offer a touch of style without sacrificing functionality. Glass cabinets are an effective solution for a wide variety of shops, from jewellers to clothing stores to bakeries. Here are some of the main benefits.


They are practical

Glass units are well worth investing in because of their high level of practicality. Displaying goods in this way is likely to lead to an increase in sales. You can display many and multiple types of products within cabinets, meaning that you can maximise revenue. Large glass display cabinets are available for stores that have big quantities of stock that needs to be displayed safely. Cabinets can be placed anywhere in the store, so you are not restricted to wall or aisle displays. Because customers can’t touch items, displays remain undisturbed which keeps the store looking good and means staff aren’t constantly having to rearrange things. Finally, units are easy to clean. Just a quick wipe down and you’re done.

Aluminium Framed Upright Glass Display Showcases With Cabinet (VTS51200)

They display products attractively

Glass displays give a touch of elegance to any store and will be guaranteed to catch the attention of browsers and passers by. If you have a member of staff who likes to get creative with displays, this type of unit is great for them as it gives them a chance to show off their presentation skills. All sorts of items can be showcased – from jewellery and antiques to clothing and sports goods. Units can be fitted with various kinds of lighting including LED lighting to really bring products to life.


They keep items safe and secure

Another great benefit of these display cabinets is that they keep everything safe – there is no danger of products displayed going missing or getting damaged. Everything is kept under lock and key. Customers can see everything clearly but if they want to have a closer inspection, they need to ask a member of staff to retrieve the item. Although nobody wants to mistrust customers, items being stolen is a reality that store owners have to deal with and glass cabinets minimises the risk and ultimately means less hassle for shop staff.

Aluminium Framed Upright Glass Display Tower With Cabinet (VTS550)

They don’t go out of fashion

Display units made of glass have been around for ages and are pretty timeless. This makes them ideal as an evergreen style of shop fitting as you don’t have to worry about things going out of fashion and customers feeling that the store looks outdated. As long as you keep the products fresh, these display fittings can last for years as they are made from durable materials, so wear and tear is minimal if well looked after. Glass units are popular all across the country and you can find many stores with display cabinets in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and many other Australian towns and cities.


They come in many styles

Glass display cabinets are for sale in a diverse array of styles, sizes and shapes, ensuring that there is something for all shop types. Products include:

  • Point of sale shop displays where retailers can turn their shop counter into a fetching display area.
  • Tower display units with extra height and multiple shelves for maximum product display.
  • Innovative frameless displays and glass display cubes for those that want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Corner counters to turn corner areas of the store into display spaces.
  • Mirror-backed units to give products displayed extra light.
  • Units in various materials including melamine, acrylic and aluminium-framed.


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