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Shop fitting Display hooks, peg hooks, pegboard hooks, retail display hooks, loop hooks, wire display hooks, flipper hooks and scan hooks….

Hooks, hooks and more hooks for every shopfitting display system….. gondola display hooks, slat wall hooks, flat metal pegboard hooks, slat panel display hooks, wire mesh system hooks, masonite peg board hooks in light duty or heavy duty all in stock now!!

Looking for a single hook to hangsell packaged products, loop hooks for blister pack displays, flipper hooks or scan hooks for price labels and bar coding, display prongs to suit your retail display, hooks for your trade show display, Shopfittings Australia has the largest range of shopfitting and display hooks to suit all retail systems, with a range of sizes and styles to suit any retail use.

We have taken the humble display hook prong, added our years of experience and some product development and made advances in product strength and usability.

For example our newly released chrome plated single prong mesh hook and flipper prong mesh hook to suit 50mm square and 3mm to 6mm gauge wire mesh panels. The new heavy duty design is ideal for all retail hang sell products, simply hook on the hook and add your products, the flipper scan hook even comes with your choice of free clear flippers in either 50mm x 26mm OR 80mm x 26mm.

Blister display packs not sitting how they should or do they swing about? Our loop display hooks will solve the problem, designed with a one piece double looped hook, solid back plate and made from 4mm standard and 5.5mm heavy duty polished chrome wire for durability and ease of use, available in sizes from 100mm to 300mm

Shopfitting Australia can supply all your display hook order needs, if you require hooks for your store, product rolls outs, bulk orders or specific quantities to be packed for local, state or interstate branches or stores we are here to help. Simply use our contact us page or phone 02 8783 5007 with your inquiry and speak to one of our friendly team members.

You can choose from our great range of shop fittings:

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